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NB! Toidud tuuakse Sinuni tööpäevadel. Nädalavahetustel võta vabamalt ja naudi! Soovi korral anname kaasa toitumissoovitused ja juhised, et saaksid ka nädalavahetustel kaloritel silma peal hoida.

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NB! Kullerteenus Tallinna piires hinna sees.
Tallinna lähiümbruses lisandub kullertasu.
(3-päevane pakett: 3 EUR, 10-päevane pakett: 5 EUR,
20-päevane pakett 10 EUR, 30-päevane pakett 15 EUR)
Palun täpsusta kliendinõustajaga, kas Sinu soovitud aadress jääb meie kullerteenuse piiridesse!

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NB! 3 päeva paketi puhul on tegemist meie teenuse tutvustuspaketiga, mida saad tellida vaid esimesel korral.

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Tellimuse koopia on saadetud Sinu meilile. Peagi saadame ka arve, peale mille laekumist ühendub Sinuga meie klienditeenindaja, kes lepib Sinuga kokku sobiva aja, millal kuller Sulle toidu koju või kontorisse toob.

Head isu!

Sinu SmartFOOD

About us

About us

Find out who we are and why are we doing this.
Don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help you!

Smartfood Express OÜ

Tel: +372 505 2801
Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00

E-mail: info@smartfood.ee

SmartFOOD – Who is who?


Creative and always joyful Erlis never stops before your taste buds have been thoroughly satisfied!

Erlis: “I have worked as an executive chef and as a head chef for over 7 years during which I have had the honor to collaborate with different food enterprises and cooperation partners. That has lead to various new tastes and food experiences and my long journey on the culinary landscape has helped me to create and shape my own personal taste and encourage the will to continually come up with new delights, literally speaking. I have always followed the notion that one has to perceive cooking and eating as something fulfilling not as an obligation. This exciting journey has given me inspiration and enthusiasm and as SmartFOOD’s head chef I promise to do that with even more passion than ever before and I am sure that my food deserves to be given A Good Taste Guarantee.


The passion of our talented and creative chef Paola is to adorn everyday meals like they were going to participate in a Beauty Pageant for Food.

Paola: “I developed an interest towards cooking already in my childhood – we had a lot of old cookbooks at home and while reading those I learned to cook different dishes early on. The best part of my day was to help my mother prepare dinner for the entire family. Therefore it makes sense that I would later on go to cooking school. This is what I really love to do and this love hasn’t diminished over time – it grows only deeper!”

TEELE TEDER, nutritionist

Teele always has a positive spark in her eyes, because she knows exactly which daily nutrients in what amount are necessary for your body! With her help our wonderful and tasty recipes are born.

Teele: “It was 10 years ago when I was certain that the way we look has nothing to do with what we eat – if you were “made” large then you would be large. Luckily life taught me that this was a misconception. Thanks to my changed eating habits I have now shed 36 kilos off my body and reached my ideal weight. This experience inspired me to study at Annely Soots’s School of Health in order to become a nutritionist and help others. Food is not only the thing to fill your stomach; it’s something our quality of life depends on, how we feel and how much we can accomplish during the day. Many health problems are directly connected to out nutrition. Therefore I’m certain that one can never take something as important as nutrition just randomly.


KERLI VILU, client advisor

Kerli is energetic and always friendly while helping you with all the questions you may have concerning our service.

Kerli: “I was very athletic already in high school but never observed my food with any criticism and ate everything I craved for. My interest and awareness grew 8 years ago after having my first child. Many unhealthy choices started to disappear from my table and the menu became more and more healthy and versatile. After such a change I started to feel a sudden rise in my quality of life – energy levels went up and I started to realize which foods are suitable for me and which ones need to be let go, finding peace and harmony within myself.


JONEL PÕLD, logistics

Jonel is forged in the heat of food business and is not acquainted with terms such as “not possible”, “not able” or “can’t be done”. There are always solutions to be found.

Jonel: “My passion towards traveling and different food cultures started already a couple of decades ago and I have travelled through at least 30% of world’s countries by now. Everywhere I go I always try to find time to visit both the fine dining restaurants and the local street food joints. Since traveling requires a lot of planning and resolving difficult and unexpected situations, it makes sense for me to contribute to SmartFOOD in the logistics department. We bring fresh and tasty food to you and you save time, as you don’t have to do the shopping and cooking.”



Handles everything in SmartFOOD that is not on the chef’s table.

Berit: “Eating well and having an active lifestyle has always played a big role in my life – but it still often occurs that during a busy working period I just can’t find time for regular and well-balanced nutrition. This results in being tired, feeling down and having low energy levels that altogether add up to accomplishing less. It is just the above-mentioned situation that created a need for such a service that is now provided by SmartFOOD. Of course there are different areas and fields in which SmartFOOD can prove itself useful – in addition to saving time one of the most popular is to lose weight. And what’s most important, we make sure that all that is well thought through, well-balanced, healthy, and tasty.”