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How does SmartFOOD work?

CLICK ON THE VIDEO to see how the food is prepared in our professional kitchen and how it gets delivered to you!

The content of our service is described below.


SmartFOOD is a perfect fit for you if you are within the normal weight range but still doubt if you get all the required daily vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients as well as the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the right proportions. 

If you don’t have time to handle all this yourself or lack specific knowledge, SmartFOOD provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy healthy nutrition with all its benefits and without spending any extra time on it. Eating right helps you feel better, accomplish more and stay healthy.


If your goal is to lose weight, then more energy must be burned than consumed. But while doing this, you cannot stay hungry or else the body will switch into saving mode. With the help of our Calorie Calculator, you can choose a package suitable for your goal with the right amount of calories and be sure that your daily menu is healthy and well-balanced. 

Weight loss does not have to be a complicated and excruciating journey but rather a pleasurable transformation full of different taste experiences – and here at SmartFOOD, we can help you out. We put time and effort into finding the best ingredients, counting the calories, compiling tasty recipes, cooking all day, and delivering it to your door. This way, you can do all the other important things in your life.


Gaining weight is the simplest task for many of us, but not if it is done on the account of muscle and not fat. If you are currently underweight, but wish to accomplish a healthier weight or simply increase muscle mass effectively, then thorough changes need to be made to your daily diet. To get the best results, we recommend you order a personalized menu compiled by our nutritional specialists.

SmartFOOD menus are put together in collaboration with a certified chef, a nutritionist and a personal trainer. We wish to prove that healthy food does not mean only vegetables and smoothies. Instead, it can be very versatile, exciting, and last but not least ₋ totally delicious! 


We use only the best quality fresh goods and prefer seasonal and local produce. Different herbs, garlic, bear leek et cetera come from our own garden at a farm called Endla, which is in Koppelmaa. We also gather spruce sprouts, juniper berries and many of the other gifts of nature that are loaded with energy and vitamins. 

SmartFOOD does not use any preservatives, food coloring, taste enhancers or any other unnecessary additives.


All our meats and vegetables are prepared using a method that is widely popular in leading kitchens around the world – the Sous Vide technology, which means cooking food long term, on a low temperature while using a vacuum in a water bath. This way all the vital nutrients, vitamins, micro-elements and minerals are preserved. 

In addition, the meat is post-cooked, during which the internal temperature of the meat is brought to such a level that the bacteria is eliminated by the heat treatment.

We do not freeze any of our food and instead of refined salt we use Himalayan pink salt and as sweeteners we prefer natural sweeteners (such as honey and agave syrup).

All dishes are prepared in a way that makes them ready for immediate consumption, but we recommend to warm the lunch and dinner portions in the oven before eating.


All SmartFOOD meals are prepared with great care and love by professional chefs in a professional kitchen, which is regularly visited and supervised by the Veterinary and Food Board. The chefs bring total dedication to their every day in the kitchen as they strive to provide you with the ultimate taste experience.


SmartFOOD uses special food containers that are friendly both towards the environment and the food and they can also be placed in the oven without a lid to heat lunch and dinner. No toxins are absorbed into the food during storage or heating (depending on the food, at most 100 degrees for about 15 minutes). SmartFOOD packaging is biodegradable and fully certified. 

The recommended preservation temperature of the food is +2 to +6 degrees.


The courier will deliver the food packages to your desired address at an agreed time between 7:00am and 11:00am on weekday mornings (the user can choose a 1 hour delivery window), and possibly earlier upon previous request if the delivery schedule allows it. All of the food is delivered in special refrigerated trucks.

If you wish, the courier can also leave the bag inside the food thermal box before you wake up – this means that you do not have to wait for the courier and you will receive the food package without prior notice. We can offer this option if your house / apartment has easy access (in the case of private houses, for example, the thermal box can be kept next to the foot gate or the front door. In the case of an apartment building with a closed external door, the courier should be given a lock code to access the apartment, etc.).

The user has to return the thermal box in the end of the order. If the box is lost or broken, the user has to pay for the new one.