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I used SmartFOOD two weeks before an important project in order to make the diet as healthy as possible and at the same save time from shopping and cooking. The tasty menu varied a lot and greatly exceeded my expectations, because I used to believe that food delivered by courier in the morning could not be as fresh and tasty in the evening. But it can. My favorite dishes were scrambled eggs with truffle, boršš, Asian noodle wok and of course various smoothies. Since there was also enough food in terms of quantity and often it was not possible to eat everything, there was never a desire to snack on something unhealthy. I also liked that for example dark chocolate was used in breakfast cereals and snacks, which also took care of my sweet tooth. I will definitely continue using SmartFOOD during busy and stressful periods, when there is simply no time to spend in the kitchen or I tend to overeat due to stress.