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I really appreciate the emotions that wonderful food experiences are able to create and I look up to creators who have dedicated themselves to the magic of cooking, but unfortunately, somehow it has turned out that working in the kitchen is not one of my favourite activities. I know how to make a great omlette thanks to my French ex-boyfriend from years ago, and my fiancee is always happy when I make pesto pasta, but that’s about it:)

Considering the above, I was very grateful when SmartFOOD gave their helping hand for a couple of intense weeks and saved my life so that I could focus on what was important. It is very welcoming that living a gluten-free life is becoming more and more pleasant and easier, because SmartFOOD is also starting to offer a gluten-free menu, and I was very happy to be among the first tasters. During the past two weeks, when I opened the morning courier package, I was never disappointed, and I also received several inspiring ideas for those special days when I have time and desire to spend more time in the kitchen. I also learned about myself that I absolutely do not like edamame beans, and that a plum smoothie is something I could drink for just about every meal. 💜