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Nutrition is very important to me and I consider it, along with good sleep and exercise, to be the foundation of well-being. I have used SmartFOOD to make my life easier many times over the last few years.

I made my first order in April 2019, when I had long rehearsal days in Estonia Theatre for the preparation of the upcoming musical. I couldn’t have found a better option between dance rehearsals and singing lessons than what their varied menu could offer. I knew that I would get the necessary calories and vitamins to keep my body strong and recover from active days.

In 2021, I used their service for 4 months in a row, because the construction of my kitchen took longer than expected. It was extremely convenient to order food to the TV-studio and I could be sure that I would cope better with stressful days because I had one less additional responsibility, cooking. It also helps to save time in busy periods of life.

Now, after several months of monitoring my diet and cooking at home myself, I wanted a little change to my meals and the option to have top chefs cooking for me – from seafood to lamb chops and delicious salads. I’ve been trying some of their recipe ideas myself  and my favorites are the overnight porridges, egg butter for breakfast and light soups for the evening. I have also converted several of my friends to the faith of SmartFOOD 🙂