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NB! Toidud tuuakse Sinuni tööpäevadel. Nädalavahetustel võta vabamalt ja naudi! Soovi korral anname kaasa toitumissoovitused ja juhised, et saaksid ka nädalavahetustel kaloritel silma peal hoida.

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NB! Kullerteenus Tallinna piires hinna sees.
Tallinna lähiümbruses lisandub kullertasu.
(3-päevane pakett: 3 EUR, 10-päevane pakett: 5 EUR,
20-päevane pakett 10 EUR, 30-päevane pakett 15 EUR)
Palun täpsusta kliendinõustajaga, kas Sinu soovitud aadress jääb meie kullerteenuse piiridesse!

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NB! 3 päeva paketi puhul on tegemist meie teenuse tutvustuspaketiga, mida saad tellida vaid esimesel korral.

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Anname endast kõik, et see teekond oleks Sulle mugav ja maitsev!

Tellimuse koopia on saadetud Sinu meilile. Peagi saadame ka arve, peale mille laekumist ühendub Sinuga meie klienditeenindaja, kes lepib Sinuga kokku sobiva aja, millal kuller Sulle toidu koju või kontorisse toob.

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Sinu SmartFOOD

Terms of Use and Privacy Regulations


Please read carefully before placing the order!

Terms of Use

By placing your order at www.smartfood.ee you confirm to have read the terms stated in the user’s contract (hereinafter Terms of Use), you accept them and therefore are obliged to follow subsequently:

General conditions

*The present Terms of Use regulate the relationship between Smartfood Ekspress OÜ (hereinafter Service Provider) and the client (hereinafter User) while conducting the buying and selling processes of services/goods provided on the website www.smartfood.ee.

*The Service Provider offers the Users an opportunity to order food packages with a set amount of calories from the website www.smartfood.ee with delivery to a chosen location within Tallinn and its nearby regions.

*Using the website www.smartfood.ee does not result in extra fees other than for ordered goods, delivery, and a penal fine if a false order is placed.

User’s rights, obligations and responsibility

*While ordering goods/services from the website www.smartfood.ee the User is obliged to submit valid personal data including correct full name, e-mail, delivery address, and phone number. If it should occur that the delivery could not be fulfilled due to incorrect personal data provided by the User, he/she has no right to ask for a refund. The User also has no right for a refund if it is not possible to complete the delivery (for example the User does not answer the door at the given location and/or does not react to his/her phone on a number stated in the order) – couriers sent by the Service Provider will wait only for a maximum period of 5 minutes before moving on.

*The User is prohibited from involving www.smartfood.ee website in any illegal transactions or/and scams. If the User places fake orders (or prank orders) the Service Provider can use the recorded data (registration information, IP-address et cetera) to identify the person responsible. The User has to be aware that any goods or/and services ordered with an intention of not paying is an action of fraud that can result in being held responsible and punished by law.

*In case of a fake order the User has to pay the Service Provider a penal fine in the amount of 500 EUR.

*If a situation occurs that the User is not able to accept the delivery then he/she must notify the Service Provider 48 h before by contacting the customer service (info@smartfood.ee). This possibility can be used only two times for an order. When the User’s order is resumed it will be prolonged by the same amount of days as it was paused.

*The User has no right to ask for a refund if the delivery address provided in the order is inaccessible due to weather conditions. In that case the User will receive the delivery from the nearest reachable location to the final destination (the courier will wait for a maximum period of 5 minutes after having called the User) or takes it back to the Service Provider’s premises where the User can receive it during the same day by stating their name and order information.

*The User can change the size of the package during the order by contacting the customer service (info@smartfood.ee or +372 505 2801). Customer service will calculate the new price according to the price list stated on the web-page. The fee for changing the size of the package is 15 euros. If the new sum is bigger, than the User has already paid, the rest of the amount will have to be paid by the User before the new package will be in effect. If the new sum is smaller, than the original price paid by the User, the balance will be added to the User account as an advance payment for the next orders.

*If the User decides to end his/hers package in the middle of the order, the Service Provider will refund 50% of the sum in which the order was unfulfilled. The User has to notify the customer service 48 h in advance (info@smartfood.ee või +372 505 2801).

*By placing the order the User confirms to be at least 18 years old. The User acknowledges that the Calorie Calculator presented on the website www.smartfood.ee is not an obligatory accessory but only a recommended means of help to determine a suitable package. The final decision has to be based on the User’s own best judgment and health condition. The User has to be aware that changes in weight occur differently and are influenced by each person’s own metabolism, physical activity, genetics and other conditions. The User confirms by placing the order that he/she is in a suitable health condition to use the service. If the User has health concerns and/or questions, the Service Provider recommends consulting a doctor beforehand to make sure that the health condition is suitable for using SmartFOOD’s services. The User must definitely consult a doctor if she is pregnant, a breastfeeding mother or has a chronic illness of any kind. The User acknowledges that the Service Provider is not a health care specialist and does not offer medical help, recommendations or promises. While compiling menus the Service Provider does not take into account the health condition peculiarities of each User individually (such as allergies, food intolerances et cetera). The User understands that the Service Provider is not able to check the suitability of each ingredient to every single User. The User is therefore obliged to personally inquire beforehand if any allergens or other substances are involved in the food preparation that may cause unwanted reactions due to the User’s health condition.

Service Provider’s rights, obligations and responsibility

*The Service Provider is required to deliver the order within an agreed time frame. Delivery may be prolonged due to circumstances not depending on the Service Provider (difficult traffic conditions, accidents or re-arrangements, unexpected weather et cetera). Regardless of obstacles the Service Provider has to make sure that the User gets his/her package and has no further complaints.

*If the User fails to receive his/her package as a fault of the Service Provider then the order will be prolonged accordingly or money returned to the User’s bank account within 5 business days (in the amount of the sum in which the order was unfulfilled).

*The Service Provider has every right to stop and terminate its service at any given time without having to explain the reasons to the User, while still carrying out all unfinished orders that have been paid for.

* The Service Provider has a right to change prices as they will – new prices are valid from the moment changes are made to the price list published at www.smartfood.ee. Changes will not affect orders already in action.

*The Service Provider has a right to send the User personal commercial announcements and offers which the User has a right to decline.

Personal Data

*The Service Provider has a right to process all personal information (hereinafter Personal Data) that the User has given while registering to www.smartfood.ee. The User confirms that the Service Provider is allowed to use Personal Data to the extent and purpose determined by the Terms of Use.

*The User has every right to withdraw the agreement at any time, demand the usage of Personal Data be stopped, deleted or closed and User’s profile terminated. The withdrawal has no retroactive power.

* The Service Provider gathers and saves Personal Data electronically and can also make extracts in other formats if necessary.

* The Service Provider uses Personal Data to develop and personalize its services.

* The Service Provider has a right to use and issue Personal Data out to third parties in order to improve the quality and availability of the service as well as expand, improve, and develop the service in any other way.


* The only payment method accepted is a money transfer after the User has received a bill from the Service Provider.

*The order is activated after the payment is made. If it is received before 10 am on a business day then the first possible delivery date is the next business day. If the payment is received after 10 am then the first possible delivery date is the business day after next. Sending the payment order to info@smartfood.ee before 10 am can speed up the activation process.

*All payments and prices are in EUR currency.

Terms of delivery

* The delivery is organized by the Service Provider between 7 am and 11 am.
* The delivery time can be prolonged due to circumstances not depending on the Service Provider.
* The User is obliged to check the given contact information before placing an order to avoid delays or misunderstandings in the process.
* The Service Provider is not responsible for any delays or misunderstandings caused by inaccuracies or mistakes made by the User.

Changes in Terms of Use

*The Service Provider has a right to change or renew the Terms of Use unilaterally at any given time due to developments in the website and/or service in order to improve and secure it further.

*Changes and improvements in the Terms of Use are considered active from the moment they are published on the website www.smartfood.ee.

*The User confirms to agree to changes and improvements in the Terms of Use after they have been activated.

Final provisions

*The law of the Republic of Estonia regulates all legal relations between the User and the Service Provider. In case of a dispute both parties try to negotiate first; and if an agreement is not reached it will be handled by the Harju County Court.

*The Terms of Use are activated through the User’s agreement and will be in effect throughout the legal relations between the User and the Service Provider. The User has a right to quit the legal relations stated in the Terms of Use after having fulfilled all his/her legal and financial duties to the Service Provider.

Privacy Policy

Smartfood Ekspress OÜ (hereinafter SmartFOOD) has taken the responsibility to protect the privacy of its clients and customers. The following summary of SmartFOOD’s privacy regulations (hereinafter Privacy Policy) offers an overview of our practice and explains which data we collect, how we use and extract it, and also describes the User’s rights according to our data gathering and usage. SmartFOOD keeps the right to change its Privacy Policy. We assume that by using our website and placing orders the User is familiar with our principles and agrees to them.


We collect personal data voluntarily given by the User while placing an order at www.smartfood.ee. It includes the User’s name, address, zip code, e-mail address, phone number, and other data. This information will be used according to the terms stated in the Privacy Policy.

As many websites do, SmartFOOD also saves IP-addresses and employs a standard „cookie“ technology. Cookies are small data files which are saved in computers during website visits, helping the browser to automatically identify itself in the website’s server. The User may turn off the „cookies“ but this may cause some problem while using some pages at SmartFOOD’s website.


In addition to the above mentioned usage of Personal Data it can also be used by SmartFOOD in order to troubleshoot, protect against fraud and/or any other criminal activity, and adjust the User’s experience through observation of goods and services preferred by the customers. We may save written correspondence in order to improve SmartFOOD’s goods, services, webpage, and other public goals.

SmartFOOD can give out detailed information about Users to third parties who provide services to SmartFOOD and who have also agreed to keep the Personal Data strictly confidential. Third parties are SmartFOOD’s partners whose tasks include transportation, maintenance of our website, content, and marketing.


The User has a right to know which personal data is stored about him/her, also the right to fix, edit, and delete it. If the User wishes to exercise those rights, he/she has to contact the customer service info@smartfood.ee.


SmartFOOD holds the necessary means to protect the completeness, accuracy, and privacy of the data gathered on its webpage. We have applied reasonable cautionary measures to protect the information against being misused, changed, or lost. Access to data in order to view and change it is given only to authorized individuals.

The User hereby agrees that SmartFOOD is not responsible for any “stolen” info spread via Internet and free us of any and all claims that may result from such “cut” data usage in an unauthorized way.


SmartFOOD may use links that are run by third parties. If the User clicks on such a link then he/she will be transferred away from SmartFOOD’s page on to a webpage owned and run by another organization or enterprise. Even if there is a link between two websites, SmartFOOD has no control over webpages belonging to third parties. Every page has their own privacy policies and terms for gathering and processing data. So if the User visits such a page, he/she must first explore their privacy policy.


By using SmartFOOD’s webpage the User agrees to its Privacy Policy and if for some reason he/she does not agree to it then the User shouldn’t use the website to place orders. SmartFOOD keeps the right to change its Privacy Policy at any given time.

The User agrees to be responsible for keeping his/herself up to date on all the changes that may occur on SmartFOOD’s webpage and Privacy Policy by checking them periodically. If the User keeps visiting the webpage then it indicates his/her agreement to any changes in the Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions concerning the Privacy Policy, usage of privacy terms or if you wish to use some of your rights then please contact us by sending an e-mail to info@smartfood.ee.