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NB! Toidud tuuakse Sinuni tööpäevadel. Nädalavahetustel võta vabamalt ja naudi! Soovi korral anname kaasa toitumissoovitused ja juhised, et saaksid ka nädalavahetustel kaloritel silma peal hoida.

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NB! Kullerteenus Tallinna piires hinna sees.
Tallinna lähiümbruses lisandub kullertasu.
(3-päevane pakett: 3 EUR, 10-päevane pakett: 5 EUR,
20-päevane pakett 10 EUR, 30-päevane pakett 15 EUR)
Palun täpsusta kliendinõustajaga, kas Sinu soovitud aadress jääb meie kullerteenuse piiridesse!

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NB! 3 päeva paketi puhul on tegemist meie teenuse tutvustuspaketiga, mida saad tellida vaid esimesel korral.

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Tellimuse koopia on saadetud Sinu meilile. Peagi saadame ka arve, peale mille laekumist ühendub Sinuga meie klienditeenindaja, kes lepib Sinuga kokku sobiva aja, millal kuller Sulle toidu koju või kontorisse toob.

Head isu!

Sinu SmartFOOD

How does it work?

How does it work?

SmartFOOD’s healthy eating packages are designed for weight losers, weight keepers, and weight gainers!

SmartFOOD prepares for you a healthy, fresh, tasty meal with a controlled amount of calories, and delivers it to your chosen location.


SmartFOOD fits you perfectly if you are within a normal weight range but still doubt whether you get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, and if proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are in the right proportions.

If you do not have time to handle all this yourself or lack specific knowledge, then SmartFOOD gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy healthy nutrition with all its goods without spending any extra time on it. Eating right makes you feel better, accomplish more, and stay healthy.


If your goal is to lose weight then more energy must be burned than consumed. But while doing that you cannot stay hungry, because the body will switch into a saving mode in this case. With the help of our Calorie Calculator you can choose a package suitable for your goal with the right amount of calories and be sure that your daily menu is also healthy and well-balanced.

Weight loss does not have to be a complicated and excruciating journey but rather a pleasurable transformation full of different tastes – SmartFOOD helps you out. We put time and effort into finding the best ingredients, counting calories, compiling tasty recipes, cooking all day, and delivering it. So that you can do other important things in your life.


Gaining weight is the simplest task for many of us, but not if it is done by gaining muscle not fat. If you are underweight but wish to achieve a healthier weight or just increase muscle mass in a healthy and effective way then thorough changes need to be made to your menu. To get the best results, we recommend you order a personal menu compiled by specialists.


SmartFOOD menus are compiled in collaboration with a certified chef, nutritionist, and a personal trainer. We wish to prove that healthy food does not mean only vegetables and smoothies. Instead, it can be very versatile, wide-ranging, and last but not least – tasty!


We use only the best quality fresh goods and prefer seasonal and local produce. Different herbs, garlic, bear leek etc come from our own garden at a farm called Endla, which is located in Koppelmaa. We also gather spruce sprouts, juniper berries and other nature’s gifts loaded with natural energy and vitamins.

SmartFOOD does not use any preservatives, food coloring, flavor enhancers or other unnecessary substances.


Amongst other cooking methods we also use a method that is widely popular in leading kitchens around the world – Sous Vide technology, which means cooking food sealed in vacuum and in a water bath for a long time at lower temperatures than usually used for cooking. This way all the juiciness, necessary nutrients, vitamins, microelements, minerals, and colors are preserved.

We do not freeze our food, instead of refined salt we use Himalayan pink salt, and as sweeteners we prefer natural sweeteners (such as honey and agave syrup).

All dishes are prepared in a way that makes them ready for immediate consumption; however, we recommend warming lunch and dinner portions in the oven before eating.


All SmartFOOD meals are prepared with great care and love by professional chefs in a professional kitchen, which is regularly visited and supervised by the Veterinary and Food Board. Three chefs are at your disposal every day with a passion to bring you the best fresh taste experience.


SmartFOOD uses special food containers that are friendly to both the environment and your food. In order to warm up the lunch and dinner portions you must first remove the lids and then place the containers in the oven for approximately 15 minutes at the maximum heat of 100 degrees, depending on the food. No poisonous substances from the containers will absorb into the food neither during preserving nor heating. SmartFOOD containers are biodegradable and have been given a specific certificate to confirm it.

Recommended preservation temperature of the food is +2 to +6 degrees.


A courier will deliver the meals to your chosen address at an agreed time during business days from 7 am to 11 am. Food is kept in special SmartFOOD refrigerated trucks.